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I am interested in the Earth's tectonic history and the ways that stresses affect the lithosphere. I study these related topics as part of my graduate work in the Stanford Department of Geophysics, where I am building the new Stress Map of Texas and New Mexico with Mark D. Zoback. I envision three main applications for our research:

  1. Understanding the implications of the stress field for seismic hazards
  2. Exploring possible geomechanical controls on oil and gas productivity
  3. Investigating the causes of the remarkable variations we observe in the stress field in the south-central USA and northeastern Mexico.


My research interests are at the interface between field-based tectonic research and tectonophysics, a multidisciplinary field that I call Tectonic Geomechanics. On the field-based side, I previously completed Masters research in the Stanford Geology Department with Professor Elizabeth L. Miller. For that project, I evaluated the controversial style and timing of Cenozoic Basin and Range extension in the basin flanking the Ruby Mountains–East Humboldt Range metamorphic core complex near Elko, Nevada, using 1:24,000-scale geologic mapping, geochronology, and geochemistry as my main tools. Elizabeth Miller and I continue to study Basin and Range tectonics.

I previously investigated the kinematic and fluid flow history of a fault zone associated with the Alpine Fault plate boundary system in New Zealand as part of a Fulbright Fellowship at the University of Otago with Professor Virginia Toy. I also recently worked as an Exploration Geologist for Statoil, where I focused on regional geology and prospect generation in the deep-water Gulf of Mexico.